Monday, January 2, 2012

EVE Gallery...I'm a partner!

We've done some pretty successful events at the EVE, now I am officially family!
EVE Partners: Vic, Jim, Gras, and Eddie (not to mention spouses Annie, Leann, and Christie!)
We'll, if you haven't been keeping up with my life on TMZ or E News Daily, here's a little update for you. It's official. I am a partner in an art gallery! Yup. EVE Gallery in Pomona (Second Street Artwalk). I've done events at the EVE, been going for quite a while now. Vic and Eddie asked Grasiella Rodriguez and myself to become official partners in the gallery last month. January makes it official. Look for plenty of art events coming up. We had our first gallery planning meeting, and there are some really interesting and cool events happening this year at the gallery. Animation, you ask?? Why YES...there will be toons...lots of them! Come by this month on the second Saturday and say hello to the new crew. We'd love to have you!

Check out the EVE BLOG HERE!


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