Saturday, November 10, 2012


Ok folks, it's official, I can let the cat out of the bag now...My cartoon SANJOURNO MUST DIE is becoming a web series on the YouTube channel RUG BURN. Its a joint venture between two massively cool animation houses, Titmouse and 6 Point Harness. Between the two of them, they pretty much do everything on Adult Swim.  I couldn't really say anything until the official announcement (today). I'm really excited about this and Chris and Shannon (founders of Titmouse) have been super nice and cool to work with. I hope to gather a whole new batch of fans with this venture!

The idea behind the Rug Burn channel is its pretty much its own little network of cool original all new programming, in short episodic doses. Sanjourno fits in perfectly. It'll be a running story with all new characters and music. In case you don't know: Sanjourno is the story of this coked out ex-Euro Disco star who got tangled up with the crime underworld. He always gets into life threatening situations. He's a bit of inspector Clouseau in a nightclub setting. Sort of Breaking Bad meets Flashdance meets Scarface. Stay tuned for more and details coming soon! Meanwhile...