Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Freakdaddy at the Hollywood Reel Film Festival

My film FREAKDADDY has been accepted into the HOLLYWOOD REEL FILM FESTIVAL! The festival runs December 3rd-12th....more details soon!

HOLLYWOOD REEL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (HRIFF) was started to help support and promote independent cinema in Los Angeles, encouraging filmmakers with unique or non-mainstream visions to create films made for less than five million dollars.

By offering cash, prizes and awards, the Festival's goal is to stimulate filmmakers in the creation of quality new work. Through offering multiple screenings of the best films to be viewed in theaters by industry professionals and fellow filmmakers, the Festival hopes to give these films an opportunity to find distribution and garner media attention, as well as to provide filmmakers a chance for their work to be shown on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival invites you to enjoy screenings of what we believe to be the best new feature films, documentaries, shorts and videos by new filmmakers who possess an independent vision and create innovative work outside the studio system.

We honor such filmmakers with awards of merit and screen our award winners during the festival. The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival celebrates independent, student and international film making.