Thursday, December 27, 2007

Astronaut Dave

My good friend, David Hopkins (D-Hop as he's known on the hard Brooklyn schoolyard courts), has a new book out; Astronaut Dad. In David's own words: " Originally, it started as a way to tell the story of my family -- a modern suburban family with all the obligations and fears that parents and children face. I set it during the Cold War,astronauts instead of business men. The fall-out shelter served as a nice metaphor. However, the story grew to feature three different families, and their problems as well. And towards the end, it ceased to be my story and it was there's. To this day, it's the only instance where a story literally took on a life of its own and moved in a direction I didn't completely anticipate."

Brent Schoonover is no slouch either. One of the coolest art styles around. Both guys are the nicest dudes you'd ever wanna meet. Read David's full interview here.

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