Monday, May 12, 2008

Lights, Camera, Acting!

Special Delivery; A short film written and directed by my friend Grasiella Rodriguez. She got some of her friends and family to act in this a couple of years ago. We had a really good time making this and obviously, we didn't take ourselves seriously. I play a doctor/surgeon. I filmed my parts at a dentist office. The gist of the film is that its a take on an old urban legend about a girl who swallows an octopus while surfing. I just ruined it for you. Watch it anyways.


David said...

"Well, she's definitely not pregnant."

Great acting, Jim!

Jim Lujan Himself said...

I did the other takes with an Indian accent. Cutting room floor, baby. Hey- what do you expect? I was trying to channel the spirit of Willie Aames!