Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun @ Rafael Navarro's show

Javier Hernandez, Rafael Navarro, and yours truly all in looooove.

Gras (Cartoonista extrodinare), Leann (wifey), and yours truly. Grrrrrr!

Had a blast a couple of weeks ago at GEEKS comic shop in Whittier at my friend Rafael Navarro's art show. Rafael created Sonombulo, the luchadore that can read your dreams. Food, Friends, and Frolicking. Thanks to Sal at GEEKS for throwing such a cool party for such a cool artist! MORE PICS AT CARTOONISTAS.COM!


Belle Jolie said...

Awe Leann looks lovely as always :) Nice to see you both, at least through pics ;)

David said...

Great photos. I love Rafael Navarro's work.

dan said...

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