Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GEEKS commercial

A little "commercial" I shot for GEEKS comic shop in Whittier. This was my first test in iMovie. Man, I'm hooked. The Cartoonistas have lots of show plans for 2010 at GEEKS. Theres just about a show each month all the way up until June so far. I'll be doing a solo show in April and in January were doing an animation fest there. More details soon. Thanks Sal (owner) and Jav for appearing in the clip.


Anonymous said...

Is this filmed on your phone and made into a movie on a mac? What a clear clear picture. Nice camera.

Jim Lujan said...

THanks...that was all shot on a Canon PowerShot handheld digital camera. The editing was done in iMovie and was the first thing I've EVER done in iMovie. Pretty sweet lil' program there!