Monday, October 4, 2010

March of the Swizelstik Army!

My new film! This all started from a passing mention of a band in New Wave Dentist. Now its blossomed into a strange flower that throws TV sets out of hotel room windows. This cartoon gave me the opportunity to recruit some friends and family to do voices for me. Everyone did an unbelievably col job. I'm really proud of their performances. They really make this cartoon "pop".

My cast:

Jose Cabrera: Don Gigante
Jerzy Drozd: Jerry Rudolph music critic
Kevin Cross: Soccer Dad/Dave Dunleavy
Mark Rudolph: John on street
Raul Aguirre, jr: Councilman Sam Eagleson
Bill Moran: That was cool guy
Leann Lujan: Shut your mouth news scene
Me: the other stuff

"This Robot Loves" is actually performed by Bob Lujan,Jim Lujan and Mike Perez.



Anonymous said...

More sweet animation from the HOuse of Jim. Great stuff dude. I see the BIG MAN Raul JR is releasing his first DVD. Smart move. I am excited to see it.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to come back and recomment on this movie. It is one of my favorites. The beats of the music and the animation..very well done. YOur sync is good Jim! I thought this was a great film.

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Dug this one, Jim......Is this a jab at Kraftwerk? Or at Sugar Ray (ha ha!).

I love "This Robot Loves" - catchy tune, great concert scene with the camera light, etc. Nice tribute to the Beatles Red/Blue Albums in that last shot of the band. Looks like a set up for a sequel, too. Maybe you can bring back the Army, and in the next episode, they tour Antarctica! Or "entertain" some trapped miners in Chile (captive audience).

Great job from your cast of voice talent...but this frustrates me...why didn't Mark Rudolph voice Jerry Rudolph music critic?

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks for the kind words!

PS...Jerry Rudolph was a mix of JERZY Drozd and Mark RUDOLPH's names. I was being oh so clever there.