Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Women in Animation panel

THE EXPERTS: Sean Bishop, Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, Jim Lujan, Ken Mora,Gracila Rodriguez, Allison Craig, Ivy Flores

Sean, Dahveed, and Dr. Mijo.
Cuddles the fun bear and Ken, Gras, Allison, and Ivy.
This was as we were setting up. The place was packed ...really!

I was a guest of the Women in Film organization. Yup, you heard me! They did a panel on indie DIY animators and I was invited to speak along with some other indie animators. We talked about selling our films, making our films, and the whole DIY thing. Very cool. Great people. Great films. Great coffee. I got to show "The Cougar and the Cub". It was quite the evening indeed.  Did I mention the great coffee?


Anonymous said...

I think its awesome that there are more Men than Women on the Panel.

Jim Lujan said...

It was 50/50 until we had a last minute ad. It was just DIY animators in general. Not necessarily women talking to women. Wat I think is surprising is that 30% of the Women in Animation members are GUYS! Yup. That's kind of cool.