Tuesday, July 12, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con Booth K-11

These 2 knuckleheads will be sharing a booth at San Diego Comic-Con (Me and Jose)
Come by July 20th-24th if you are at San Diego Comic-Con. I'll be there, sharing a booth with my pal Jose Cabrera (Crying Macho Man).Come get some Ghettomation DVDs and merchandise and perhaps a sketch of some sort. We will also be wandering the streets of the Gaslamp District at night when we turn into werewolves. Its going to be fun. My first time selling there and first time back since 2007. See you there!


Jose Cabrera said...

Sweet!!!! I'll come and buy all your DVDs and then we can throw back a few Buds!

Natalie said...

Chickenblogger and BeeWoman here to thank you for your sweet words, and awesome sketch! My head hangs low, because I made an epic fail with my camera, but I will not fail to include you in a CB post!
Gracias! I hope you can send us a copy of the picture you took with BeeWoman, por favor.

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Great Comic-Con round-up but there's a glaring typo on one of your captions. "The constant wall of humanity" should've read "The constant wall of flatulence."

Otherwise, excellent report, Jimmy!