Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pomona Art Walk

POMONA, CA- Never been to the Pomona Art Walk held every second Saturday of the month?  Let me tell you, we've been many many times and it is one of the true undiscovered gems of the art world. I say undiscovered with a bit of a wink. Lots of people know about it. Last night we took Jose "Crying Macho Man" Cabrerra and his lovely wife Naomi. They both reside in the Westside of LA with it's own thriving art scene. Jose was quite impressed and I think he's going to pursue his own art show in Pomona.
You see some interesting things in old Pomona.
The DA Gallery had a huge memorial show for artist Magu Lujan (no relation). It was packed and amazing.
The Lujans and Cabrerras hanging at the DA. Free food and drink...whaaaa??
Futures Collide/EVE Gallery. One of the coolest spots on the block.
Now were talkin' art! (Futures Collide)
Sophisticated beverage, anyone?
Our posse runs deep. Our posse has velocity.
Get tatted!
Crazy parties upstairs!
Free live bands!
The Three Amigos. Lujan, Cabrerra, Hernandez all in Pomona. What a dream!
Speaking of Cabrerras....Supertalented artist Lisa Cabrerra's gallery on Second St.
One of the sweetest people I know. Lisa Cabrerra's art is amazing! Go see her!
Smokey Mirrors gallery
It's P-Town, y'all....EZ had to make an appearance!
Historical building in the background, hysterical family in the foreground.
The DA Gallery at night...conveniently located next to the coolest wine bar.
Ending the night with the best (and cheapest) Pho food. Sooooo gooood!!
Wanna have a studio in Pomona?
All in all, if you're an artist, fan of the arts, or just like to look at cool buildings and have free food and drink- I highly suggest you check out the Pomona Art-walk every second Saturday of the month. Lots of really cool art and artists to see. Music, food, a real friendly atmosphere (kids too). If you just want the party scene, believe me it's there. We saw some artist loft parties that were straight out of  Less Than Zero! Its a real mix and there is something for everyone. You can tour many of the artist's lofts, too.  This won't be the "undiscovered" art scene for long. It's way too cool and vibrant.

The next art-walk is Saturday, September 10th. Save the date and see you there!



Javier Hernandez said...

Jim, I was amazed at how amazing this place was. It's like a 'pocket universe' of art and culture in the middle of a city.,I only saw about 1/20th of it and I was impressed. Definitely will be returning there.

Jim Lujan said...

I agree, Jav. So much to see and so much unusual and cool stuff! The architecture alone is reason to check it out. Great place for future gallery and animation shows....for sure!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Girl With Chalk said...

The Heart of the 9-0-9!!!!
That was fun!

Ren said...

Hi Ren here of Images of Pomona check out my video of the art walk at I have this on line type news blog. that I update everyday.I talk about Art, Music and news on whats going in Pomona. And thanks for the great right up. You can see all my videos on youtube at econuelas or ren439 just type in either one.....B^)

Jim Lujan said...

Wow, Ren. I just checked out your site and its really cool. Thanks for sharing those pics!