Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Bobby Churro scenes (sneak peek)

I'm working on a longer form/extended Bobby Churro cartoon. I'm taking the original film an adding some additional brand new scenes to it. It will give a more rounded glimpse of Mr. Churro in his element. The Legend of Bobby Churro is basically about a low rent boxer from East LA who specializes in taking big dives for a shady promoter. Below are a couple of examples of new added scenes.

The above character, Officer Bill, is based on my good friend Bill Moran. I made him really OLD in this clip, but don't let the white hair fool ya, Bill's not THAT old!Bill is a great sport. He doesn't care how mean I make him or if he comes off brutal. The more vicious, the better the laugh.  He's a JETS fan, go figure! :) Thanks Bill!
The Real Deal Bill. See...not so tough, are ya?

Kaya and Deacon(Kounterclockwise) from the Moonwalk music video I did for them.

Here is a clip featuring my friends in the band KOUNTERCLOCKWISE. They were really excited to participate in a Ghettomation cartoon, and they delivered the goods big time! They also did the musical score for much of the cartoon. Great stuff! Thanks Deacon and Kaya!

The full film will be ready sometime in late November/early December.  I'm looking at a twenty-something minute long final version. Stay tuned and tell a friend!


Girl With Chalk said...

Very cool!

B. Ray said...

You've been up to some cool stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing the extended Bobby Churro.