Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The critics agree...Fakesplosion Radio a smaSH hIT!

People are talking about the Fakesplosion Radio show...

"I know it's only Jim Lujan but I like it, like it, yes, I do. Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it."
-David Hopkins, Writer 
"West Coast love from an East Coast Thug!"
Jose Cabrera, Crying Macho Man 

"DJ Jim Lujan plays the most happenin' party mix from some of the most important bands in the biz. This show is a must listen for everyone who calls themselves a music fan!'
-Kevin Cross, Punk Rocker 

"I caught Nissim's show over at the Honeybee on the 16th. He rocked. Bobby Lujan is a god!"
-Gonzo Bee, Eddie Van Halen's illegitimate son 

"Jim Lujans's FAKESPLOSION gives me more entertaining moments than a week of Ryan Seacrest's banal snoozefests! Jim has scoured the very darkest corners of his record collection for a galaxy of side-splittin' hilarity! Subscribe to the show and make your life better....Could be the show that saves radio!!"
-Javier Hernandez, Comic Book Legend  

"Once again Jim Lujan blows my mind with his musical knowledge. if there is someone out there with more funky-cool street cred, i haven't met them yet."
Oliver Tull, Comedian and Sexy Man  

"Jim Lujan is amazing and the show is just pure delight. Jim's clever, ridiculous, over-the-top humor is showcased in his wildly imaginative music and lyrics. You can't go wrong with the FAKESPLOSION, it'll rattle your brain and tickle your funny bones! Really! "
Ted Seko, Wrestling Legend 

Find it on iTunes and subscribe for free! Got a quote? Post it in my comments!

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