Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunshine & the Candyman

This is the animation test I did with my buddy (animation/editing guru) Miles Kinghorn. We did this as a possible TV pitch for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, FX, G4,Spike, Fox, MTV, QVC, CSPAN....whoever! Premise: A ladiesman trucker(Candyman) is suddenly responsible for his 11 yr old lovechild from a stripper. Her name is Sunshine and she's the type of kid that gets Candyman into precarious situations. The heavy is a bad guy cajun trucker named Crawdaddy. I came up with the characters and Miles and I did the script. Miles really helped to direct it as well. The voices were friends of ours. I did the voice for Candyman. We never finished the animation because Miles switched jobs before we could complete this. Oh well, thats Hollywood for ya!

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Atomicclockwork said...

You need to check the new media outlets! If squidbillies can get a show you so could rock it!