Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Eve Crazy Train Sketches

Click pic for HUGE version

New Years Eve
we took the Gold Line and the Red Line trains from Pasadena to Hollywood. All the subways and buses were free from 9 pm-5 am. It was quite the experience. Lots of drunken people acting crazy, and lots of crazy people acting like themselves. I sketched a few of the more interesting people I saw from Union Station all the way to Hollywood/Highland. I used the train map (no sketchbook handy). There were some prime cartoon material, let me tell you. Oh yeh, did I mention there was a stabbing? I love LA. Happy new years to all.


drawsumthincool said...

I sometimes think that I'm missing out on something by living in the Midwest.

I'm hoping to see a cartoon made out of this experience.

Jim Lujan said...

That's funny because while I was on the train I was wishing I was in the midwest. The grass is always greener on the other side, but sometimes there is broken glass beneath the grass. I think that is from a Morrissey song.

Jeff said...

I love the Midwest, and I often wonder when Jim Lujan might make his way out here...

Nice sketches. And Matt, there's plenty of weirdos and stabbings in our area. St.Louis wasn't named "Most Dangerous City" for nothing.