Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cartoonistas Meeting

Well, when we get together you can't really call it a "meeting". It's too much fun to possibly be a "meeting". More like a get-together where we end up creating art and grubbing on delicious food. At this particular meeting, we were interviewed by Emma (nice!) from the San Gabriel Valley Highlander. She did a story on the Cartoonistas, what we are, who we are, and why we are. It was a really good experience. I'll post the article as soon as its out. Here some other stuff that went on:
Underwear AlphaNerd by me. This piece is for sale for a mere $120,000 (give or take a few thousands). It's also on display at the West Covina Library (seriously). Don't believe me? I'll show you pics soon (you non-believers).

Josr Cabrera joined us via web chat all the way live from Mexico. It was so nice seeing Jose. man, I miss that guy. He is one funny guy. Talented too. Great times. I called him "Mex Headroom" this night. Jose rocks.

Oil pastel chalk creation by Gras Rodriguez. Man, that girl gets better every week it seems. She's becoming our very own "Frida". She'll kill me if she reads this.

Special guest appearance from Vegas: by Nick (nephew) and his lady pal (fiance) Brie. These two can also draw like there is no tomorrow. It must run inthe family, and extended family.

Everybody got into the act, drawing, creating, laughing -etc. The Cartoonistas are a strange mix of laid back, casualness....yet we get things done. That is a dangerous combo. Look out San Gabriel Valley and beyond. Thanks to everyone that attended. We'll see you Saturday night in Whittier at Geeks (7pm-??)

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