Saturday, April 18, 2009

Edge of LA pics

I was a vendor at the Edge of LA show in Claremont. Its kind of a mini Comic-Con. It was great getting out and mingling with all the various artists and patrons. The weather was beautiful and really sunny. Claremont is a really nice looking place to begin with , and the nice day made it even nicer. How nice. So nice. Aw....thats nice.This is my table. As you can see, Jim Lujan is a mighty animator and cartoonist. Thanks goes out to me for spelling my name right. You can see 2 of my acryllic paintings and 1 live art piece .

YO! T-Shirts for sale! Thats right. You can now wear my cartoons on your very persona!

Fellow animator/artist Raul Aguirre getting down Raul-style.

Javier Hernandez endorsing Starbucks and selling his comics (thanks for the coffee,Jav).

My blond rocker. Judas Priest was playing when I drew this. This guy was done at the end of the day when I was seeking out shade and shelter.

Gras Rodriguez doing some live art superhero character studies. Getting all technical on us!

Me tanned. All in all, a really fun day ( I sold a little, too!). We polished the day off with a dinner at the HAT. Mmmm pastramis! Great to hang with everybody, do some art, have some laughs, and enjoy the day. Can you say "worn out"?!

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