Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Camp Ronald McDonald Event Pics

Two of my Cartoonista buddies, Javier Hernandez and Luis Escobar, and I attended the Camp Ronald McDonald event at the Warner Bros Ranch (Burbank) last weekend. It was probably the most fulfilling art event I have ever been involved in. The organization does such important and good work for sick kids and their families. They really deserve as much support as they can get. We were there to draw cartoon requests for the kids, and boy did we. The lines never ceased. We were glad to do it. Those kids deserve the world! They are all special and they are all beautiful.
There were at least 40 other artists there. Many of the volunteers work on TV shows on Fox, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and other networks I was glad they let the "Ghetto-Disney"(me) participate. It meant a lot on a personal level.

(R-L) Luis Escobar, Art Leonardi, me, and Jav Hernandez. Art Leonardi was the man who got me (and Jav) on the list. Art is the animator behind the Pink Panther cartoons. Such a nice man. So funny. Full of crazy stories. I could talk to that guy for hours. Very kind and he really cares deeply about those kids. A sweet man, very talented!

Thanks to Luis Escobar for telling me about the event in the first place. I hope to participate in (and organize some more) events in the future.

Here are a bunch of the artists posed at the end. Art is playing possum. If you look close, you can spot me 7th from top left. Thanks Camp Ronald McDonald, thanks Art Leonardi, thanks Warner Bros, and most of all..thanks to all the kids who helped brighten my day. I hope you liked your drawings! See you all next time!


Javier Hernandez said...

Jim, I really enjoyed your heartfelt post about this event. Like I said, I think for everyone involved, the families, the artists and even Art, Christmas truly came early this year.

A pleasure to have been at your side. Hope we do this again!

Jim Lujan said...

I think this is the perfect type of event. Man, those kids get a thrill from getting a personalized cartoon. It just feels right. I'm glad you feel the same way. It's a way to use our gifts to help someone else, I guess. I had a great time, too.