Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Seven Smiles themesong sung by Bob Lujan.

Watch a bigger version on YouTube.


manvsart said...

Most impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Cartoons, mafia, and idiots. Tis' a winning combination. The music was great too! nice rack focus effect. What are you? Getting all ILM on us? Luv it!

Jim Lujan said...

Rack focus that what thats called? I'm just copying movie tricks. Thanks for the kind words. Lets get together and I can learn some ToonBoom sometime. Great to have you there, really fantastic!

Geo. said...

"Aw Mang, I forgot My Gun!!" I love that! Great work Mang! I even dig the theme song, reminds me of something outta the 70's like Barretta!