Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ghettomation Garden DVD - Order Online!

Happy customer!

Yup! You can now order GHETTOMATION GARDEN, a collection of 7 of my finest ghettomations via PAYPAL....right here on JimLujan.Com! Just go to the BUY MY DVD box onthe upper right hand corner of this site. Easy as that! If you haven't yet seen my cartoons on a big screen or HD , you are missing out. They are really clear and colorful. These are 7 of my personal faves, and I know you will dig this garden too! Pick up my Ghettomation Garden DVD and go green, baby, green!

On this DVD you get the following Ghettomation cartoons:

John Henry Unicorn

the Fraudtographer
New Wave Dentist
Slip & Fail
DJ Disrespect
the Customer Serviced

Thank you to everyone that has ordered my DVD so far. I love you too!


Anonymous said...

Super cool.!!!

Jim Lujan said...

Free sketches included while supplies last!