Monday, June 14, 2010


That's right!! The planets have aligned. The tide is high. Its time. Finally! I will have a DVD for sale (the first of many). Jim Lujan's Ghettomation Garden DVD will make it's debut at Geeks-Con this Saturday, June 19th in Whittier ,CA!! Seven of my cartoons chock full of the stuff you've come to expect from me! These cartoons will look really good on your crystal clear TV display. Now you can finally own them, love them, and sleep with them under your pillow!

On this DVD you get the following Ghettomation cartoons:

John Henry Unicorn

the Fraudtographer
New Wave Dentist
Slip & Fail
DJ Disrespect
the Customer Serviced

How do you get one you ask? Well....if you won't be at Geeks-Con, stay tuned here at We'll be setting up shop in the upcoming days, taking PayPal orders. Be sure to tell a friend. This will be the perfect birthday, anniversary, graduation, or get out of jail present for those you love (or even those you don't like)! Jim Lujan's Ghettomation Garden....Your friends will be GREEN with envy!


gonzalexx said...

Congratulations Jim!!!! It's a historical (histerical) day! The legend begins! And we were here to witness!

Jim Lujan said...

We had an earthquake right after I posted this. I don't know if that means something. Hmmmmmm

Javier Hernandez said...

Well Jimmy, as the man who used to haunt and harass you about putting out a quality DVD of your toons, I feel I can now sell all my belongings, leave the country and travel the rocky mountains of Tibet.

Congrats sir! Lovely cover design: Bold, simple, direct (Hmm, just like GHETTOMATION!). Can't wait to put this on my shelf between EL MUERTO and my SPEED RACER cartoons. (Yeah, I know, my shelf is very disorganized and random and unalphabetical!!)

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks Jav! I'm excited about the possibility of putting out a lot of old and NEW content on DVD.

Randy Gentile said...

YEAH!!!!!! Sign me up, man! Congrats, you deserve it.

RAguirre said...

This is like an orgasm wrapped in gold inside my stocking on Christmas morning!
Way to go Jim!

Calmplex said...

WOW man congratulations for getting this out!!! Can't wait to get my copy!