Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Reviews Are In(sane)!

Bobby Churro film poster
 Here are just a few of the reviews The Legend of Bobby Churro has received:

"Amazing!!!! haha... I love it!" 
-Jim Mahfood, Indie comic book rockstar legend

"A worthy contender to RAGING BULL & ROCKY!!'
-Javier Hernandez, Creator of El Muerto and other strange things

"Dude, honestly...that was one COOL video! Very loose and fun!"
-Coyote Duran, MaxBoxing.com

"Rich atmosphere, always a cool surprise like "little man" love the  characters and their relationships." -Ken Mora, BellaFe Films mogul

"So well made, I had to watch it repeatedly!"
-Gonzalexx, Puerto Rico in the house

"Bobby Churro is the mannnnn..." 
-Drewtoonz, North Shore Cartoon Stud

 "I'm taking my cholesterol medicine... LMAO!"
- Raul Aguirre Jr, Animation Guru extreme

" Dripping with atmosphere!"
- Sherm Cohen, Storyboard maestro extraordinaire

"Great Ghettomation! A boxing epic! Beautiful stuff!" 
- Ted Seko, Father of the Super Monsters

"Nice smooth storytelling from scene to scene"
- Dan Burke the web's most beloved guy 

"Bobby Churro's story is epic!" 
-Jackalzweb, Internet fan with great taste

"I wanna fly!!" 
- Gerimi Burliegh, Wildman and comic book creator

"***** Five friggin' stars!"
-Jim Lujan, creator of the film 

The critics all agree....Bobby Churro is this year's feel good hit of the pre-spring summer! Tell a friend !


Javier Hernandez said...

"Five friggin' stars!"
-Jim Lujan, creator of the film

LMFAO!! That's pretty damn hilarious, Jimmy!! May your next movie be as funny as your comment... :)

Jim Lujan said...

Hahaha...that was cold blooded, Jav...but hysterical (and true!) You rock.

Anonymous said...

LOL..I loved it more than anyone..and if anyone says different, it's my size 12 shoe, in the butt. Big feet are a distinct advantage in life and butt kicking. As a boxer, and an animator, I loved this one more than most.!

Ken Mora said...

Jim Lujan's films get richer and funnier, all the more so because they keep in touch with the humanity of the characters. Welcome Bobby Churro to the already rich pantheon of Lujan's universe.

Sherm said...

...and that's one awesome movie poster!

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks, Sherm (and everyone). The color schem efor the poster is a little different thatn the movie. I wanted to go dirty 70s on this one. I added some old texture to it. Made it look seedy. The colors remind me of a 70s sci-fi kung fu movie.

Anonymous said...

It's all just getting better Jim. Keep going. You rock.