Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bill Plympton- Burbank signing/Barney's Beanery

BURBANK- Last night Leann and I went to House of Secrets for legendary animator Bill Plympton's book signing. I picked up "Independently Animated", Bill's biography. Very cool. He signed it and drew a picture of Leann inside the sleeve. Hanging out at a such a cool shop with my wife, good friends, and my favorite animator...quite the evening. After, we all went to Barney's Beanery for a mixer. The fun continued. I've had the pleasure of spending a good chunk of time with Bill inthe last few months, and we always have the best conversations. This guy DOES what I would love to DO. Makes his own feature films, tours them,  and owns the rights. Sweet. He's such a nice, warm guy to boot. Like I said, quite the night.

BFFs? Sure- why not!?
Bill sketches my lovely wife Leann. Nice! She's hot. I can say that, she's my wife!
We have SEKO!! Ted Seko showed up (Jose Cabrera too!) Studs o plenty!
Gras and animator Richard Solomon. Can the room contain all this cartoon talent?
Chilling at Barney's with my soul brother the Crying macho Man.
Yup. She's married.
Dahveed from Supa Pirate Booty Hunt was there too!
Ken "Mastermind" Mora. The man makes things happen. Genius!
Goodnight Barney's. It's been a blast. Thanks Bill.


Javier Hernandez said...

Looks like a really cool time was had by all. I saw Bill's finished drawing of Leann on Facebook...Came out really nice. Of course, he had such a pretty subject, too!

Bill seems like a real 'man of the people'. Good to see that.

Jose Cabrera said...

Def a blast Jav! Bill's a real gentlemen and very generous with his time and stories. Looking forward to seeing him and Jim collaborate on something in the near future. It's gonna happen!

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks Jose /Jav...

Bill is a mensch. Great talent that doesnt hesitate in helping others to reach their goals. Glad to know him.