Monday, July 25, 2011


SDCC: PART ONE- Now that San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, I figured I'd share some of the photographic highlights with you. I learned a lot from exhibiting at this con (first time).  I'll be back next year and apply some of that knowledge. Here's a little sample of what went down:

The Ghettomation/Crying Macho Man booth of fun.
Me at Ghettomation Central.
The constant wall of humanity.
My neighbor and new buddy Joanna Mulder. Super funny and sells like crazy! some love...
Seriously...somebody, buy something. I joke. Sales were....OK.
Aaaaah...a friendly face. Sharon Sakai!
My legendary pal, Stan Sakai. Yup. I can say that cuz were pals.
Cartoonista sighting: Geo Brawn. Making $$$ on commissions.
More Cartoonista fun: The Forever Freshman crew enjoying the moment.
THE cutest thing at the Con: BEE WOMAN! I drew her portrait. She is awesome!
Speaking of awesome Possums..Blair Kitchen an Javier Hernandez were there too!

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