Friday, October 18, 2013

Sanjourno Artwork

Its been too long since I've posted here. I'm going to make that something I do more often. Let's start with some artwork. Here are a few shots from SANJOURNO MUST DIE. The series I created for RUGBURN, the YOUTUBE channel started by Titmouse/Six Point Harness. Sanjourno Must Die is the story of a Euro-Disco figure and his various exploits and misadventures hanging with various dangerous criminal types.  Catch the series at

And the party don't stop. Won't stop. Can't stop.

Dance floor freaks.

Pool party in the Hollywood Hills.

The Swizelstik Army makes a guest appearance.

Gunning for the number one spot.

White Vince hates everybody and vice versa.

It's important to hire good help.

Sanjourno entertaining the crowd like a dancing monkey.

Trouble arrives at a party.

Evil actor Preston Cage micro-managing his sniper George.

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